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I've been updating the software more, so that all the optional variables are in the normal nice format, like real life actual amps (with 1 decimal) and real life volts, and also % of voltage being used, etc.. 16 variables to choose from (0, 1, 2, ..., or all 16). And as you suggested, the 1kHz timer is one of the 16, so you can know what time things are actually happening. I should get it tested and sent over to you hopefully tomorrow. And when you mentioned the csv format or whatever it was called, I looked that up, and just changed it so the output format would be CSV. No sense forcing people to cut and paste into excel. Here's the list of variables:
	// bit 15 set: display counter1ms
	// Bit 15 set: display Id
	// bit 14 set: display Iq
	// Bit 13 set: display IdRef
	// bit 12 set: display IqRef
	// Bit 11 set: display Vd
	// bit 10 set: display Vq
	// Bit 9 set: display Ia
	// bit 8 set: display Ib
	// bit 7 set: display Ic
	// Bit 6 set: display Va
	// bit 5 set: display Vb
	// bit 4 set: display Vc
	// Bit 3 set: display rawThrottle
	// bit 2 set: display normalizedThrottle
	// Bit 1 set: display temperature
	// bit 0 set: display slipSpeedRPM
	// Bit  3 set: display electricalSpeedRPM
	// bit  2 set: display mechanicalSpeedRPM
	// Bit  1 set: display batteryCurrent
	// bit  0 set: display % of voltage being used.  Ratio of radius of <Vd,Vq> to Total voltage.
BAHAHAHA. I forgot to check that there were 16 of them. hahaha. OK, um... I need to work out that little detail.
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