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That looks like a good way to split it up. I'll do that. I was thinking more about the boosting. Here's my attempt to figure out the boost current requirement without simulation, just so I can get my head wrapped around it. Let's say we are doubling the DC voltage:

DC Power from batteries = Vbatt * Ibatt
DC Power from the capacitor bank to the 3 phase inverter = Vcaps * Icaps =
2*Vbatt * 0.5*Ibatt

Now, the power to the 3 phase inverter is
PowerInverter = 1.5 * Vcaps * IphasePeak (I always use this one. it's my favorite format)

So, 1.5 * Vcaps * IphasePeak = Vcaps * Icaps. So,
1.5*IphasePeak = Icaps.
So, 1.5*IphasePeak = 0.5*Ibatt
So, 3*IphasePeak = Ibatt.
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