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Sorry - so many posts I didn't see this one yesterday.

Originally Posted by MPaulHolmes View Post
thingstodo, that is very cool! Do you know if it works on the evil horrible "it's going in the garbage soon" iphone? haha.
My wife has an Iphone 4s and I have installed gmail on it (to get to the link on google hangouts) and installed google hangouts but I have not had a chance to test it as yet. Maybe I'll use her phone to video one set of meters in the next video.

That's the one I have been cursed with. I like how it shows 2 pictures, and also your voice is very easy to hear. It really didn't pick up the noise.
As long as you keep adding cameras/phones you can get up to 10 pictures ... I NEVER thought I'd be low on that sort of hardware for a project!

I got a new bluetooth headset. My 3-year old headset lasts just under 45 minutes ... and I have a one hour teleconference each week so I had to upgrade. I *REALLY* like it. You can't tell the motors are even running!

You know, I have my very first prototype DC controller (maybe it was my 2nd). It used a heavy duty copper heat spreader. It would need a control board mounted to it. Since your controller failed, to get it to work again, you might have to replace the ten 22Ohm gate resistors (they sometimes crack when there has been a failure)
The resistors look fine. They don't get hot. And it's a bit weird that the controller will take 12V and pack voltage ... and no problems so far. I need to put a motor on as well and make sure there still IS A PROBLEM ... after all, I did cut off 2 transistors before I started measuring stuff ...

and replace the MIC4451. And possibly the hcpl4504 with a new hcpl4506. Everything else should be OK.
So .. would that be the equivalent of an overhaul for an ICE engine?

I can send you that controller for you to keep. It should work fine. I've never used it though. What's the cheapest shipping way to you? I don't mind paying for shipping. You are doing so much to help in the development, and I am so "thankful" (thanksgiving shout-out).
That would be AWESOME .. USPS is likely the fastest and easiest. Definitely avoid UPS - if their normal delivery performance was as expensive and as poor as their international performance - they would be out of business in 10 days.

I *FINALLY* received parts to build 3 of the IGBT drivers. I ordered the parts from DIGIKEY in August and they arrived the first week in November. I won't be getting the soldering done until I get a new tip for the weller station. My present tip is a bit large.

As for the boosting, where is the 3x current coming from?
Not sure I follow. Did I post a confusing comment?

I have 2 intended uses in mind for the super cheapo AC TO-247 controller with boosting. First, I just wanted to allow higher RPM under load. I have a 200amp 300uH inductor, and my simulations seemed to show that things stay under relative control in that situation. There is a ton of capacitance (to keep things cheap, I am using a bunch of 450v electrolytic caps. heck it worked for the 500amp controller), which I hope will allow for a dual use as a solar MPPT/ 3 phase grid tie. And if you don't want to go to jail, you could instead use it as a MPPT/ 3 phase "not grid tie" sort of thing. I bet there are people who would want 3 phase power at their house, and who have maybe 12 lead acid batteries laying around. Well, maybe there aren't but I'm going to pretend that.
I would like 3 phase power at my house and my cabin. But I've been warned that it is specifically illegal under Canadian Electrical Code. I guess I'll have to do some research!

As for the boost - I have a 100 amp 240V breaker feeding what will be my car charger. My car pack is 16s3p leaf cells for fully-charged open circuit of 128V. If I can get one of the Netgain Industrials fixed, I'll be running 48s1p at 384V. The charger would need boost from 240VAC ... so I'm IN!

Feeding into 3 phase on the grid here would require $$$ of equipment for the grid tie and the location would be at one of the distribution points where the utility drops from 72KV or 138KV long distance distribution to 13,800V local distribution voltage. The utility 'allows' solar to 'grid tie' with $10K of hardware, but that's 240V and they are counting on your neighbors to 'use up' that electricity. If you do any significant (25 KW) generation they claim that it unbalances their 3 phase in the local area.
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