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Originally Posted by elhigh View Post
Okay, that's very different from what I had anticipated. I thought when I saw the 2v description...

Okay, that was a headslap moment. I just realized that if it meant 2V per cell, the pack voltage would be above 200. I can be monumentally stupid sometimes. D'oh!

All right, back to the store for smaller bulbs. This evening (hopefully, Son #1 has a super-late class on Mondays, we carpool, and I get home completely ragged out) I'll pull Pack 2 from the car so I can remove the GC preparatory to beginning the recharge.
Don't sweat it. The concept of taking a 144V pack to 2V is hard to wrap your head around if you haven't been exposed to the concept and practice in the Insight community. It's particularly concerning when

Any progress?


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