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I'm more interested in the poor suckers that can only afford lead acid, and can only put 72v into something, and only have 3 phase AC motors available that are rated for like 480vAC. Evidently, they are everywhere in 3rd world countries. A guy I was talking to in Ethiopia was trying to do a DC conversion, and there were NO brushed DC motors anywhere that he could find. He said 3 phase AC was all over the place, but they were all industrial motors that were rated for like 1700rpm at 480V or whatever. At the time I just told him he was out of luck because AC required a ton of batteries, and his car was not going to hold that weight. Here's a pic of it:

I think he may have given up, but he could have had regen, and a reasonable top speed, etc. with boosting. I actually get a surprising amount of emails from 3rd world countries of people who really really want to drive an electric car. I remember choking on the exhaust in Nairobi. People walk around with lung lesions from that crap. The life expectancy is like 45. (Of course not all related to pollution.) The "affordable" $40,000 tesla that will soon come out isn't going to improve the lives of anybody in Nairobi. We need to get straight up ghetto. haha

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