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Originally Posted by P-hack View Post
since it is kinda related, I'll just leave this here. But the idea is to push the fields to their current limit, and switch to delta well into the field weakening part of wye (and careful switching back) so you can push the field current back up (though that is going to affect bemf...).

this quick and dirty needs reverse blocking on the delta switches, so it is 3x dual igbt + 3 single reversed, though it may be possible to reconfigure the inverter or something and use less switches.

I'm just guessing here, probably time to sort out a dyno (or read bajillions of speculative papers and all the hieroglyphs therein).
I have seen two motors with enough leads that this could work. The first motor has 9 leads, 6 for both ends of each delta coil and 3 for the business end of the Y coils.

The second motor has 6 leads, with the phase cables for the delta and the phase cables for Y.

Both of these motors are 400 HP continuous and weigh more than a car (5000 lbs +)

I have seen small motors (under 10 HP) with several leads, that gives you the option of 460V Y and 230V delta. This appears to be popular.

One may need to rewind a target motor to actually gain access to all of the motor leads ... and perhaps install a larger junction box on the motor to terminate the leads. Not for the faint of heart ....
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