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Originally Posted by MPaulHolmes View Post
I'm more interested in the poor suckers that can only afford lead acid, and can only put 72v into something, and only have 3 phase AC motors available that are rated for like 480vAC....
With an abundance of 3-phase AC. Why not get a motor rewound to a lower voltage. My motor is just a pretty standard industrial 3-phase motor rewound for 48V. Would work reasonably well with a 72V pack. Maybe not a highway speed machine but functional.
Also most of the cost in rewinding is the labour as it is quite a labour intensive task. But if you happen to live where labour is cheap then it is probably cheaper to rewind rather than buy extra components to boost your pack voltage.
Wind the motor for a real low voltage like say 24V and your 72V pack starts to be able to get some decent RPM out of the motor.
Of course that is all based on my almost total lack of knowledge of motor rewinding and motor voltage to rpm relationships.
But i am reasonably sure nice big, high efficiency, high current handling, light weight inductors would cost him more than a days labour at the local 3rd world motor rewinding shop.
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