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Originally Posted by thingstodo View Post
One may need to rewind a target motor ...
Yup, but we are already discussing winding/modding our own inductors

re paul: 72v guy (and post apocalypse), it does seem like there isn't a lot of info on hacking the motors themselves, identifying and paralleling the field groups and carefully cutting/brazing new leads, securing everything when you are done, etc. Not as interesting a puzzle as boost converters, but lighter/cheaper/simpler/more efficient, more people would be able to do it if they saw a video.

i.e. if you have a 208vrms 4 pole (say 300v dc-link) with the poles in series, you can parallel them to a 52v motor (say 75v dc-link) by modding the end turns and the leads. If it happened to be in wye then even better, now it is a 43 volt motor.

Unfortunately we don't have the same knowledge base about specific AC motors for diy EV use, like we do with dc motors, probably a matter of time. and as thingstodo says, it is intimidating at first. But the motors themselves are relatively cheap. And I'm sure it would be a useful post-apocalyptic skill ("I'll trade you half my harem for your kool-mu inventory")
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