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Originally Posted by elhigh View Post
Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

And to our non-American friends, happy, um...November 26. Thursday.

Finally pulled the pack down to about 55v. Took FOREVER. Wrestled Pack 2 out, wrestled Pack 1 in. Hooked it all up.

Removed the pack bolts, wrestled it halfway out, hooked it all up. Looked at everything two more times. One more time for good measure. Reinstalled the pack bolts.

Plugged it in. 181v, 0mA? Whiskey Tango Foxtrot?

Son #2: "Hey, I turned the switch back on." 125v, 348mA. Man, I'm fatigued. It's the little stuff that gets you and the damned IMA is ALL little stuff. And Son #2 builds computers because it's fun, he's really good at catching details.

S Keith says give it a couple of hours on the charger, then fire up the car and go for a spin. So after Thanksgiving dinner, I'll take a little cruise and see what happens.
No, S Keith said to charge for two hours, start and let it idle charge for 15-20 minutes, resetting the 12V battery as needed to get there.

Spin comes after the car terminates idle charge shortly after charging.

And happy t-day to you too.

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