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I am rpearson's husband. Don't want to confuse.

I went to auto zone and told them I wanted to replace the battery although I didn't actually believe it was bad. They said take it out of the car and we'll stick it on our charger/tester and you'll know for sure. An hour later they called and said the 12 volt was fine.

In all this I also found a bad IMA fuse in the fuse bank under the hood. Replaced it. I haven't measured any voltages since replacing the burnt fuse.

I'm not really sure what is going on. The 12 volt seems to be charging as the car never fails to start. We've driven it maybe 200 miles without incident.

The only thing I am certain of is that we get the error code P1639 and that the IMA charge/assist lights don't come on.

I've reset the error codes several times and P1639 returns within 10 seconds or so. My wife and son think the car is actually receiving assist from the IMA system. I'm not sure about that. The charge/assist light comes on when the ignition is first energized but then goes off. I guess there is a moment where it says it is charging at 3 bars for a few seconds when the car is first started and then it goes off and stays off. Tomorrow I plan to put the old IMA battery back in and read the error codes with it. Then put the new IMA battery back in.

How do you replace the red IMA light? It seems that would be an additional diagnostic that would be good to have. What does the MOTD do?
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