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The MCM was the first thing they replaced. Then they swapped their new MCM for an ECM and finally they said it was neither the the MCM or ECM but a missing fuse. I did find a bad fuse in the engine compartment but it did not solve the problem. I also removed and checked a fuse under the dash that I thought was for the IMA but I should probably check that I pulled the correct one.

I've ordered the shop manual and the electronic trouble shooting guide. I'm not optimistic that they'll help a shade tree mechanic but it's worth a shot. I gave up shade tree mechanic-ing a quarter century ago but this IMA stuff is pricey. I don't trust the dealer to get it right without spending more than the car is worth so I'm giving it a whirl. Back in the good old days I always liked Haynes manuals. Do they go into debugging the IMA system?
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