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Turtle Smog so cal

btw, the butt-connected 5wire o2 ngk i bought from ebay $60 is not working no matter what i try to requesting refund . also bought a fully intact new L1H1 on ebay from diff seller for $88 I post in seperate thread how that works . my vx failed smog last week (ya i took ages gettin bringing it to a place), across from the chula vista dmv. after going to cheap mexican muffler place(luv their prices) it turned out my 2yr old car-sound?? cat was bad and some of the honeycomb was loose inside making my NOX super high . I had a spare obd2 49state cat welded in (new) and once I get a diff direct connect 5wire wideband o2 sensor I'll go back for retest. Additionally I found a VX throttle body & will be swapping out the JDM Intake manifold (looks like DX/EX sized TB on it) to decrease air-intake. Once I pass then will install the APexi gen1 VAFC meter ala Boomslang harness


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