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Well, ok then. I'll just keep jammering on...

After looking around a bit more, it seems that, um, Wikipedia is the best resource.
Not to say it's not the best resource; it's actually very good. It's more a statement of my searching...

So, wikipedia on OBDII PID's. (Parameter Identifiers)

BTW, there's a more extensive list here that shows everything, including body control codes:
Complete List of OBD Codes: Generic OBD2 (OBDII) & Manufacturer | Car OBD Diagnostics, ECU Chip Tuning & Auto Repair Support

Notice that there are a LOT of parameters an EV will never use. For example, the long list of O2 sensor voltages: All these "addresses" are in hex.
O2 sensors: PID 14 > PID 1B
O2 lamda: PID 24 > PID 2B

Then there are the ones that could be useful for an EV:
Vehicle speed: PID 0D
engine rpm: PID 0C
7 throttle inputs: PID 45 > PID 4C

I haven't evens scratched the surface, but as you can see, an EV could make use of lots of OBDII protocol without requiring "EV" specific parameters.

This could be useful for ALL EV's, if we could just get together and agree on something. Of course folks who have probably already done something like this (Example, Orion BMS or the Curtis controllers) would want everyone to to what they did. At the same time, they don't want to tell anyone what they did.

Or, we could just make our own set - The OPEN REVOLT PID PIRATE list!! ARRRG!

- E*clipse
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