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A while back, P-hack suggested that I just get a GM Volt pack to meet my weight goals.

He was right.

It's really a good idea for a few reasons:
1) without the huge metal t-shaped plate, the cells are significantly lighter than the equivalent Leaf cells.
2) It has liquid cooling built in - it's an extremely good system that actually flows coolant past every cell's large surface. This will be very important in my hot climate.
3) They are Silly Cheap at junkyards. A 16kWh pack for under $2k.

The cells are each 15Ah, and grouped in threes for 45Ah. It's difficult to separate the groups of three. Oh, and a complete pack comes with contactors, a safety disconnect, and current sensors.

The only downsides: 1) I have a leaf pack. 2) ego. In this case, the good definitely outweighs the bad.

Thank you, P-hack.

- E*clipse
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