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Originally Posted by GearheadTool View Post
Well, I found a good spot to ask. Seems everyone has their own experience and opinion on this..

Does adding ACETONE, (some say Toluene and some say Xylene, all available at Home Depot, Acetone at Walmart in nail section, 100% pure) DO ANYTHING? GOOD OR BAD? *to pump gasoline

Unrelated, but I found that laquer thinner in gas does NOT clean a catalytic converter, but does make whole car run better, if done in one nice, long, hot shot. Scott Kilmer is wrong. I didn't destroy the car, either. And I used a strong concentration..
I'm running paint waste solvent in my car as we speak. It contains Acetone, Toluene and Xylene and a few more solvents. If any thing I have seen a increase in fuel consumption. It does help with knock at WOT high load.
The engine runs the same as if it would on pump. Depending on the batch I will adjust the fuel and timing tables to keep my A/F ratios the same as pump.
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