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I have an aftermarket CC that sounds similar to yours regarding the solenoid controlled vacuum valves. It also had 3 of them configured how you have surmised, i.e. one is used for a 'dump' when brakes are applied while one is used for the normal realease of vacuum as required.

Anyway, to make the CC keep the vehicle closer to the set speed I connected the two solenoids together in parallel that release vaccum. This way they both dump when the brakes are applied and they also both release vacuum as required for normal speed control. This has the affect of releasing the gas pedal more aggressively when you top a hill and the throttle needs releasing, thus keeping the speed closer to the actual desired, set speed.

The same could be accomplished by drilling out the tiny hole in the vacuum hose fitting that air must pass through, but electrically paralleling them was more easily reversable than filling in a hole I might drill too large.
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