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Thanks for your comments. My eyes glazed over trying to take in all of the content of your buddy pack project. It was not clear to me if you had or were trying to correct a deficiency in the on-board computer management. You seem to be confirming here my hunch that you are an out-of-control hobbyist, and that there is not such a big shortcoming with the basic system.

The Bumblebee guy was clear that they sell new batts at a much higher rate to customers in the very hot southwest climate, as opposed to where I am, which I imagine is fairly comparable to The Netherlands.

Next adventure is to check with a dealer and see if they will verify the software updates have been applied w/o charging me, since with a reconstructed title I understand the warranty is void.

Have never tried any hypermiler shenanigans. Plugging the grill openings really has a measurable effect??

(Now on my 2nd tank of fuel; will set tires to 40 and see </hypermiler-shenanigans>)
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