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I picked up a Blue 2001 Honda insight 5 speed last year with 229,000 miles and have only put a new ground wire and driven it for $1300. Unbelievably having good ground wires and connections will help MPG. Now its got 243,000 and I live in the hills averaging around 53 miles to the gallon. I have averaged 68 mpg a tank and as low as 49 mpg on other tanks. I have read on hyper mileing but I only have enough patience for certain things and one isn't driving slow. I have read that stepping on the gas and getting up to speed quickly is good and has helped my MPG as well. Engines work better in power band and are funner to drive than putting. I would love to find a insight with MIMA installed or a MIMA kit for budget. Having control of the power assist would be a game changer. I hate when I am going up hill and the car wants to charge and also when I am going down hill and the car decides it doesn't want to charge anymore when there is going to be another hill coming and I wont have full battery for it. Good thing the car will do 45MPH in second gear at around 4150 RPM to keep my sanity when the battery is bottomed out. Also I can coast 20 out of 22 miles going home from work and should spend the money for an engine kill switch for maximum gas mileage but again I want to do it on the cheap. Good deal on your insight!
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