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Hi, yeah those IMA error codes are the result of my out-of-control hobbyism
The IMA system monitors battery voltage and usage and is sensitive to unexpected currents flowing to or from the pack like when connected to my buddy pack.

It is especially sensitive on key-on. If there is any current flowing in at that moment it throws the error immediately.
Once running it can take over 10 Ampere no matter - but a direct linkup to my >30 Amp capable buddy pack was too much in some conditions.

Tire pressure up to 40 PSI is the easiest and most effective mod. The Insights tires are relatively narrow and small for the size and weight of the car, so it should have higher pressure to compensate for it anyway.

There were 3 updates that affect 2010 and early 2011s, but a year ago a new update was made available which improves the way the CVT reacts and helps smooth out the phase changes between EV/non EV mode and slipping clutch/lock around 9 mph.
The effect is subtle though, and the result is not perfect, as in not as smooth as a Prius.

Grill blockin does help when it gets really cold and it does improve the efficiency a bit, mainly because it raises the air intake temperature.

It is necessary to monitor the air intake temp because it can go through the roof in a traffic jam. As the Insight has EGR, it does not really benefit from high intake temp once it is fully warmed up; when it goes beyond 40C or 105F it even starts to hurt FE.
On top of that, high underhood temperatures are bad for your 12V battery, which is a weak point on the Insight anyway.

You can block some grill all year round with no harm done, but mind the temp sensor in the badge and the air flow towards the air intake snorkel.

HIDs save power and produce 3 times as much light as the standard halogens.
I was disappointed with the halogen output; projector lenses put out less light than a conventional headlight. Also they produce so little stray light that other road users seemed to overlook my car at night (we do not have side running lights here).
A cheap HID kit solved both. The beam is powerful, the stray light is still lowish but acceptable.
2011 Honda Insight + HID, LEDs, tiny PV panel, extra brake pad return springs, neutral wheel alignment, 44/42 PSI (air), PHEV light (inop), tightened wheel nut.
lifetime FE over 0.19 Gmeter or 0.1 Mmile.

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