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Originally Posted by MPaulHolmes View Post
That is so awesome!!! Thank you for your meticulous tests! Do you just attach the 24v to the DC motor, and then slow it down gradually with the AC motor? I think if you hit '0' once, it sets the AC motor back to zero throttle. You could do that before disconnecting the DC motor's 24v I suppose.
Yes, I just close a contactor to the 24V circuit - no DC controller - to run the Warp9 DC motor. That's why it is a separate battery pack, and why it is such a low voltage. The unloaded speed of the DC motor is about 3600 rpm so I don't overspeed the motor if something goes wrong (like I blow a fuse on the AC)

Slow down the AC with 1<ENTER> on this firmware. Using a 20 turn pot will be more convenient but likely less accurate!

I could also kill the 12V to the AC controller after the AC Controller brings the AC motor to a stop, before it starts to accelerate in reverse.

Looking forward to the firmware that recognizes the change in direction. I think I read somewhere above that you would add a couple of lines of code so that a car would not accelerate in reverse at a stop light

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