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Originally Posted by Astro View Post
Paul, boosting the DC to 700v, would that mean the A/C output of the controller would be 700v peak to peak or 1400v peak to peak?
What is a normal maximum A/C voltage for the average 3 phase A/C industrial motor?
As usual, 'normal' is subject to interpretation

460V US three phase is 'nominal' 650V peak to peak, but the motors will take the 480V that is the actual output of the transformers, plus 5% easily, and 10% without damage. So 528VAC with peaks around 750V. Many 460V motors can also be wired for 230V from the motor junction box. This has been used by EV'ers for some time.

Canadian 575V is actually about 600V out of the transformer, plus 10% is 660VAC with peaks around 930VDC. The DC Bus trips on over-voltage at around 1000 VDC .

European 690V I have less information on. The DC bus trips at about 1100VDC, maybe 770VAC

As for the peak-to-peak being doubled .. that makes sense but that's not what I have seen. I'd need to look into why .. but these are the voltages that I see in equipment.
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