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For Sale: Siemens AC-Stuff

I'm a long time reader here in ecomodder... and especially interested on this thread.
I'm from Germany, so sorry for my bad english.

A few years ago I had the idea to build an electric car and I collected some AC-Stuff for this project. But due to lack of time I give it up.
Maybe I will continue this idea of a selfmade-electric-car in a few years more, when my son becomes 18...
But, if someone is interested to buy it, I will sell it.

I have some electric components from a 10t Hybrid-Bus for sale:

Motor/Generator PMSM/BLDC 1FV5139 85kW

2 x Driver-Boards from Elfa-Duo-Inverter
(one Driverboard is damaged (two of eight Driver-circuits are smoked by a shortcut or overcurrent... the corresponding two IGBT's were also damaged).
The Bards have also onboard a Isolated Voltage measuring circuit and connectors for two amp-sensors and one Temperature-Sensor (temperature-control of IGBT's)
4 x Big Capacitors Epcos 2100F 385V (in the original Inverter were two in Series... so 770V rated)
6 x Big IGBT
2x Current-Sensors
Brainboard (I don't know if someone can reuse it)
Some Stainless-Screws
Multilayer of stainless metal-sheets with Isolators (Busbars and Phases U, V, W)

Throttle (original from the Hybrid-Vehicel)

IMA Battery NIMH 144V and 6,5Ah (Honda Insight) capable of 10kW (maybe more for shorter periodes) for experiments.
Selfmade Charger (350mA)

all together 3000 pick up

I think, that this combination "Paul and Sabrina's Cheap 3 Phase Inverter" with my stuff would be a easy way for somebody who has time and knowledge.

I wrote to less posts here, so I can't attach pictures.
Please contact me if you are interested.

Regards Peter
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