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Tire and wheel choice for economical motorcycle

Hello, I have been thinking about what is the most fuel efficient wheel that has the most economical tires. The wheel will be for sub 200kg (including rider) streamlined recumbent motorcycle (probably electric but that is another thread).

For perspective ($AUD)

CBR125r 2007
Tires $1.00 per 100km (21% total cost) ($230 tire change at 23,000km)
Fuel $3.80 per 100km (79% total cost) (Unleaded 95 $1.40.9 per litre x 2.7L)
Total cost $4.80 per 100km

-- If fuel consumption is lowered to 1L/100km

Tires $1 per 100km (41% total cost)
fuel $1.40.9 per 100km (58% total cost)
Total $2.40.9 per 100km.

As you can see economical tire choice is worth investigating.

Another consideration is that smaller wheels are lighter and fit better inside small fairings allowing for greater steering angles on long wheel base vehicles. If wheel weight was decreased from 18kg to 5kg that has got to be worth some fuel savings (side note wheel weights are very hard to find).

So what are your thoughts on the most fuel efficient tyre/wheels for motorcycle?

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