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I love my HX, but I think the rims are worth more than the lean burn, and they are more for looks than anything else. Lean burn seems great, but since I drive 55 MPH, it probably never engages, and when I do drive 65-70, my fuel economy definitely decreases, and then you need an MPGuino.

I only made $9,000 so far this year. That can only go up next year!

What is the ROI on an HX O2 sensor? I paid $175 and still get a CEL about once a week. Brucepick said that he stayed in lean burn as much as possible and burned out the same exhaust valve twice, but he thought that it had 200k the first time and 300,000 the second.

I rarely have more than one passenger, but four doors would be handy, and it is far easier to find a good LX or DX.
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