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There are some late 90's early 2000's 2wd Cummins Dodge trucks around here with flatbeds for under $5000. They seem lower miles and less molested then the average normal extended cab 4x4 we usually see in those years CTD. The 4x4s go for twice as much also (maybe because there is a blizzard outside right now) The biggest problem I see with a flatbed on a pickup is, it would be hard to load as they are pretty high off the ground. Maybe the trailer could be built as a goosneck with a lowboy style drop on the front to roll the Arcimoto off. Probably the best would just to do it toyhauler style and have it drive up a ramp in the back. Just not the normal toyhauler style but one with a tapered tail. Maybe like how a military cargo jet opens in the nose to load just reversed.
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