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Any of those flatbeds have a hydraulic dump bed? Because those are really handy for hauling (construction/landscaping) bulk materials. Scissor bed for roofing materials.

It sounds like you're thinking of something enclosed. I was picturing a 'ramp trailer' behind the flatbed. Maybe a triangular, single wheel trailer with ramps that swing out like a pocket knife.

Here's a picture that Fran Lee posted elsewhere;

With two wheel brackets you could do the same with an SRK. Maybe even a two/four wheel dolly for the back.

Am I right about that? If you capture the two front wheels, as long as the brackets absorb the change in toe-in from the Ackermann effect, wouldn't the third wheel be free to swing side to side?

I'm still knocking ideas around about custom campers and 5th wheels.
A box the size of the flatbed, with camper jacks 45 off the corners. The roof is three arched layers. The top one is raised like a caboose roof and pivots 90 to overhang fold-out sections on both sides.
The second one is most permanent, connected to the walls.
The lowest layer is two parts slung under the second layer, that slide out the front and back. Front could be a complete pop-out. The back one would be just the roof, with a fold-down porch (the porch railing makes a Watts linkage), usable on the road with the rest closed up. It would go from 8x14ft closed to a 14x 18ft T-shape plus the porch and steps.

Arched corrugated metal with spray-on ceramic vacuum-bubble insulation roof sections would be no more than 2-3" thick. If the camper jacks were on [double hinged] arms to move them front and back for on-road clearance; then you could power them and make it walk like a robot.

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