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Originally Posted by thingstodo View Post
I think that is what EVTV has done with the brake hydraulic pressure sensor. Pressing on the brake does regen braking proportional to the pressure, before the friction brakes engage. If the regen is not 'enough' to stop you, you put a bit more 'hip into it' and use the friction brakes.
At least - that's what I have read. I am not in a position to confirm it ... since my car does not run as yet (and it's DC not AC). Maybe my next project!
That is the set up i am hoping to implement.
I want it to mimic a gas engine as much as possible. The way i look at it, i have been driving a gas vehicle for decades so the way they behave has been integrated into my driving habits. So why change habits when i can change the cars design.
My thoughts are to have the throttle pedal rest position cause slight regen. That way lifting the gas pedal will cause a slight amount of regen, mimicking the drag of gas engine at zero throttle. Once that is set up and running then a pressure sensor is added to the brake line which pulls the throttle voltage lower as the brake pedal is pressed thereby increasing the amount of regen. If more aggressive braking is required then pressing even harder on the brake pedal will engage the friction braking in addition to maximum regen.
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