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Originally Posted by Astro View Post
My thoughts are to have the throttle pedal rest position cause slight regen. That way lifting the gas pedal will cause a slight amount of regen, mimicking the drag of gas engine at zero throttle.
Is this a programmable setting or are you using 'solder' to adjust the regen?

Once that is set up and running then a pressure sensor is added to the brake line which pulls the throttle voltage lower as the brake pedal is pressed thereby increasing the amount of regen.
So you want to use a single input to the controller, which varies from small regen to full acceleration. And the pedal rest position must be a high enough signal to allow for another circuit to 'pull the signal down' for more aggressive regen. Did I get that right?

If more aggressive braking is required then pressing even harder on the brake pedal will engage the friction braking in addition to maximum regen.
What happens if you have a Toyota throttle problem - unintended signal for large acceleration - as well as brake signal? Do they cancel each other out?

I like the idea for a very simple interface for throttle and brake on one wire.

I'm having trouble visualizing how a hall effect throttle can give decent performance for you unless you have access to the firmware of the controller to adjust regen slopes or lookup tables.
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