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Originally Posted by Xist View Post
Wow. Eight months. I hate to hijack this thread, but I will say a little about my HX. I do not ever remember having my car lose power on the highway or freeway, which everyone says is indicative of lean burn, but I try to maintain 55 MPH, although my GPS says that is only 51 MPH. I had been at or near 50 MPG each tank until I finally started my current job. I have driven 1,400 work-related miles since the end of September and I usually hit traffic. My tanks have been around 40 MPG since. I wondered if it was the colder weather and I realized that my tires were only at or below 30 PSI. Also, someone backed into my car, and I took off my grill block and air dam until I could pop out the dent, but I had 40 MPG tanks in October.

How have you guys done?
well I'm new here, but have a 96 HX, and the best I've gotten is 32mpg right now and it's a manual trans. Seems that around here the new speed on the highway is 80mph+ which of course as I've learned, is way outside of the lean burn mode. around the rural areas, speed is lower which of course would get me higher mpgs.

sorry to hear someone backed into your car!! Hope it's not that bad of damage!

I usually keep my tires around 33psi, haven't been driving this car much (was with other family members) but it's back to me having it. And having to remember all these tweaks to get the mpgs!
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