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Originally Posted by Chrysler kid View Post
Alright ive been trying to research a bit about my car, if any other hx owner of Honda owner can clarify the markings on my car it would be much appreciated.

From what I can tell the hx had a very limited production run in 1996, or my car was one of the first with a manual transmission as I can only find references to cvt models in car and driver tests
had to post a message and tell you that our HX's are brothers. Mine has a date of manufacture of 2/96, where yours is 5/96. I was reading your posts, following your civic thread. Seems we've gone through similar issues, egr, suspension. Mine, well not to hijack the thread, but a lot of work to get it back up to working again. The list goes on and on! It had bounced around family members and now it's back in my hands, slowly restoring it. I think it's running better now than when it did new!

I just wanted to tell you thanks for your posting it helped me a lot. In helping me in remembering lean burn mode, and all the different ways to get the fuel economy. It's more like a maze and if you succeed you get rewarded with mpgs! That surge that I was seeing on the highway I began to feel more and more as I repaired the car. Here I thought something was wrong, nope.. That's normal and good to have that surge and the slight loss of power. Almost feels like someone is pushing the car backwards from the front.

so thanks!!

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