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I have lots of drivetrain ideas. Everything from Vw tdi to gm 2.8 v6 or roller block 305 with crank out of l99 4.3 v8 making a roller cam 265. I like distributors and carburetor but have built and tuned a mega squirt car as well so I'm not afraid of efi. I will be looking for efficiency on highway out of low end torque and high gearing. Rear axle in the 2.28-2.41 range and t-5 t-56 or 700r4 auto with lock up converter belly pan front air dam drum or small disc brakes probably steel wheels skinny tires. The stock l99 in the mid 90's caprice were good for mid to high 20's in that big heavy car. So I would think a similar engine in a lighter car with belly pan and proper wheel tires and gearing should return low 30's highway. No AC no power steering. Just wanting to start with the best platform to build from.
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