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It's all about Diesel
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Originally Posted by Sjoegerd View Post
It has a couple of downsides for me, the Elsbett kit is very expensive (1250,- euro's, almost my monthly paycheque) and I think it is illegal over here. It is mandatory to pay taxes for your fuels. Almost half of our diesel price are taxes so the government don't want to miss that
Europe is being ruined.. err.. ruled by a bunch of sell-outs. That tax hunger might start to starve the economy at some point, and giving the money away to the Arabs as the European Union does (not just due to the oil prices, but also as "foreign aid" to some dictatorships and terrorist groups) is kinda suicidal. It would make so much more sense to use a locally-grown biofuel, reducing the footprint related to its shipping from the Middle East. I see so many "environmentalist" talks about reducing carbon footprint and the hell, but no effective action being taken.
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