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Originally Posted by California98Civic View Post
you need a way to live track with reasonable accuracy three things: engine load, rpm, and short range or jnstant MPG. For the best hypermile strategies the first one is the most important. If you are concerned about expense and stealth, the ultragauge is a much better strategy than wheel covers. You can learn to drive in the optimal load band, or closer to it, with you paddle shifter auto trans. Your car wil, look the same, the wife won't object, and over 10 or so tanks, with skill, you'll get your $70 back. The wheel covers will never be atealth, especially if you use cheap materials to save cash.

With a grill block, airdam, tire pressure 5-10 psi above sidewall, and a gauge and driving technique, your car will look almost exactly like it does now, and it will get significantly better FE with your same techniques, as long as weather cooperates too. Even if you akip the gaufe... do the others because you should see a difference. ☺
Thank you for your input! Is there a dummy guide on reading the "engine load" and how that can translate to achieving better MPG? I am very new at all of this and trying to read/learn as much as I can haha.

I have the "TouchScan" App that I got for free a while back on my android device, could I buy the OBDII adapter and use my phone to get the same results or would be be better to invest in the ultragauge? Robot Check

Reason I ask is because I have some Amazon gift cards from Christmas but the UltraGauge isn't on there haha.

You did mention an air dam, looking at the 65+ efficiency mods thread, that doesn't look any more stealthy than wheel covers, is there an alternative to that?

Thanks again for all of your great input!!

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