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Tesla's vanilla, Faraday Future's habanero

The secretive Chinese electric startup, Faraday Future's electric car was Twitter-leaked before its CES unveiling. The reveal presumes that their design aesthetic is going to be dope extreme, to mildly explain it. Faraday Future and their future production models have been poised to be aggressive rivals to Tesla's EV model offerings. The Tesla Model X and Model S 85D reach 0-60 in 3.2 secs and 4.2, respectively, and top speeds of 140-150 mph. The Faraday Future concept model claims 1000 hp and capable of 200 mph top speed. They also have an autonomous mode and modular quick-change 'string batteries?' The glass-canopied tandem-seating 'batmobile' concept has active aerodynamic spoilers and tail fin (CES show concept 'bling fin' will have a digital display) to assist in aero efficiency, braking and turning!

The company is generating social media hype with their teaser concepts as well as their aggressive Chinese billionaires' & investors' funding and plans for a $1 billion-dollar manufacturing factory campus in North Las Vegas, Nevada. $335 million state incentives approved and production cars by 2017?!

Definitely NOT a small time startup.

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