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I like the FF logo, it reminds me of Space Invaders. But I'm perplexed by their initial concept. Selling to billionaire ten-year-olds? Tesla started with a sports car, but one that you can get in and out of.

The first picture in the NewCydiaTweaks article is a FF teaser, nothing like what is showing at CES. The Apple/FF concept (at least the file it titled 'faraday-future-apple-car-2.jpg') is more approachable, at least it's obvious how you get in and out.

Note the mangled company name there and contemplate this:
Do we really have something to do the apple company with Future Faraday?

Future Faraday is not a car company to use

From AppleInsider report that would not be a Future Faraday unconventional company cars .
(copypasta blocked, any transcription errors are mine)

That's some fine reporting there. Bottom line, it doesn't look like an Apple roll-out to me.
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