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Originally Posted by elhigh View Post
That is very cool.

Are they together on a subframe, so you can raise them like a big solid tonneau?
Yeah, they are bolted to two pieces of aluminum angle that sit inside the bed rails and bolt in behind the cab. They could easily swivel at that point if needed.

Originally Posted by cRiPpLe_rOoStEr View Post
Not sure if I would feel so comfortable with a full alternator delete (probably I'd rather work around a stator like the ones used in motorcycles and mount it in the place of the crankshaft pulley), but it's an interesting project. And yes, apart from eliminating the alternator drag, a tonneau can do miracles in a truck...
You can't give up the idea of burning fuel to make electricity, huh?

It doesn't matter how you configure the magnetics, it's still a conversion of fuel energy.
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