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Hyundai releases official photos of the Ioniq (new: video)

Hyundai Releases First Official IONIQ Images
Hyundai drops first official pics of Prius-rivaling IONIQ

We’re calling it a “three-in-one” because Hyundai will sell the IONIQ as a hybrid, plug-in hybrid, and pure EV. The first to see the light of day is the hybrid version depicted here with a design that probably won’t create as much controversy as the latest Prius. That being said, the way this car has been styled clearly shows it will compete with the Prius on all fronts.
Just like the second gen Insight did - this is more like what a 3rd gen Insight should have been.
Paint it red then I may wonder why it does not react to my remote.

Nonetheless, this is a practically sized car.
The plugin version will give the Volt a hard time.
The full electric version would fill a niche, there's no other full electric car in that size and shape yet.

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Most people are in the longest queue.

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