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I was just trying to picture where you might be putting your pack in this build. On my most recent metro conversion, I put 13 kWh under the hood around and above the motor and transmission. It is nice to keep a 40% rear and 60% front weight distribution on these cars, but it is also nice to have your entire pack in a central location. If a pack is going to be split up because it just won't fit in one spot, this is a good time to split it for weight distribution as well, but a centralized pack will be easier to balance and will probably have less resistance. It might throw the weight distribution off a little, but if you crammed the whole pack under the hood, you could have a much shorter high voltage circuit with less resistance and less weight. You would probably still have to have a charger circuit come in from the rear, but if you are going to use the gas filler door for a charging port, you would have a front to rear cable run either way, AC or DC. Just thinking out loud here...
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