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Originally Posted by oldtamiyaphile View Post
Also being a DCT this is likely going to be a Honda IMA style hybrid, it won't be able to move under EV power alone.
That was what Toyota keeps saying about the Insight.

My Insight moves under EV power alone just fine. The engine turns over all right but it uses no fuel and it has a special VTEC camshaft to stop the flow of gases so the cats won't be cooled by unburnt air.

As the IMA battery and motor are small it can just provide enough power to maintain speed in the city. But that still is pure EV usage.

The IMA system excels in killing CVT lag; one short burst of motor power to speed up the CVT drums provides instant acceleration.

I guess the Ioniq will use the motor to power or regenerate from one axle in the DCT gearbox while the engine powers the other axle, just like the new Fit Hybrid does.
But Honda suffered reliability problems with that DCT system so the new Fit Hybrid has not been sold outside of Japan yet.
I hope Hyundai does a better job with it.
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