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Exclamation Actual progress...Adapter plate work.

Got some real work done this morning. By "real", I mean taking a step to actually making it an EV. Before this, it was just de-ICEing/prepping the car.

Measure motor:

(not shown: measure transmission)

Plot out hole locations:

I'm using 3/4"x12" aluminum flat bar. (Cheaper then plate) A bit of overkill, but it prevents me from having to trim 1/4" off the transmission input shaft.

Drill out holes:

Realize that your dinky little drill press won't reach in to the middle of the plate, so you won't be using your drill press to drill out the center hole...

Drill out the studs holding your clutch disk together, while you have your drill press out:


Set it aside for later consideration.

Back to drilling out the adapter plate: hand, since your drill press sucks, with a hole saw in a size bought specifically for the job, since the motor has a lip protruding around the shaft.

45 minutes and two drill battery charges later:

Thank gawd that's done.

Test fit, make adjustments to compensate for slight bends in studs, and bang it on with a hammer:

And, finally, check that it is sitting flush and you didn't waste 45 minutes cutting that hole out for nothing:


That's the first step done...
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