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I am going to put one of these in it also:

I guess I won't be able to get the bike and boat on at the same time.

That hitch mount of HHOTDI has the advantage of adding no rolling resistance.

The tongue is not that long, around 29" from front of frame to the ball. Thinking about moving the mounting back, thus shortening it more, but then backing gets difficult. I wish somebody would invent an extendable tongue, heh.

I am having a little trouble getting this thing square to the axle so it pulls straight. An annoying number of bolts and some are hard to access. It also ended up being quite high (17 inches to the bottom of the steel frame) so the motorcycle is going to end up sticking farther into the wind. One of the reviewers said he took the trouble of flipping the axle which takes it down a bit but then the axle "U" is upright and would fill with dirt and maybe start rusting. Annoying they didn't just use a tube for the axle.

Remember your passat already has great CD
Does it? I have no idea, wonder where to find that information.


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