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I was looking at that. The plate has a hole in the center, and the leaf springs have a nut and bolt (nut end) that goes into that hole to locate it. I don't know what the bolt head looks like, or if it is flush. Didn't notice it when putting it together. Anyway if the axle went on top of the springs then I would have to partially drill the axle to make room for that nut on the spring. I'm thinking about it.

Oh, the other thing is that while the top of the inverted "U" is flat, which mates well with the spring leafs, the other end has the welded-in spindle studs and they project a bit. Since they are rounded they wouldn't mate well with the leafs. I'd have to grind it flat first, before doing my partial drill to make room for the leaf nut. Getting difficult...

I looked at some old 5.80x8 wheels I have around. They would lower the bed an inch, not worth messing with. Generally I like larger tires/wheels anyway because the ride is smoother and the bearings are not worked so hard.

I suspect I will just put up with it as it is.

I wish I could find another less-than-4-feet wide axle to make an aero trailer like this, but this is the only one I could find. Maybe the answer is to get a 4 foot one and have a welder cut and reweld it.

Well since there is plenty of room underneath I can put some cross beams in and create some sort of custom fender for the thing - assuming I want to go to all that trouble. Trailer fenders and wheels always annoy me, they stick out so...

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