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Cool Taming the Beast - Making a GMC 2500HD... Less Terrible

Hi all,

Not so much an introduction for me, as a resurrection.

Old timers on the site may fire a random neuron or two when they see my user name, as I used to contribute a little bit around here. Back in 2005 I picked up my 2003 Jetta TDI and modded it from approx 46 hwy up to ~56 mpg hwy, and from 90 BHP stock to more like 140. It was a GREAT car, fun to drive with nothing but scheduled maintenance and like 6 or 7 cents cents per mile avg lifetime. But she was starting to age, I was bored with it, and with maintenance looming I decided to jump out while she still had some reasonable market value.

My build/mod thread on here.

Farewell, lil' TDI.... I hope your new owner is as meticulous as he promised.

In her prime:

Anyway. I sold the TDI and my old beater pickup truck to focus on first obtaining a dependable, capable work truck, before again finding an economical daily driver when my finances allow.

Enter, THE BEAST (needs a more original name... forthcoming, I hope. Suggestions accepted).

Basically the exact opposite vehicle to daily drive vs my prior TDI. oof.
Actually, I'm trying as hard as I can not to drive this thing. I can drive my wife's passat wagon @ 30+ mpg whenever she doesn't expect to stray far from home during the day. But I'll probably still drive the truck 2-3 days a week or so, so the mpg simply HAS to improve. I have lots of ideas/plans, but not a lot of free time - we're still finishing building our new home and getting life established out on the land (for which having a dependable pickup is pretty crucial).

Anyway, I can justify owning this truck a number of ways, but the bottom line is I went from 50 mpg to 13. Ouch. It's nice that gas is cheap, but I simply cannot accept such poor mileage. My current goal is 15mpg in winter, 18 in summer. 20 would be amazing.... possible? we'll see.

Typical weekend doing chores (we heat with firewood):

Modification posts coming as I've already done some stuff.

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