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Thanks for the warm welcome

Thanks for the warm welcome guys (on a cold wintery day)

@ Daox

Normal daily commute is only about 10 miles (15 km) one-way of mix city/country roads. I've noticed my "per trip" mileage vary widely according to how many RED lights I catch. Been trying to "learn" those lights and time my arrival so that I catch the GREEN, but it ain't easy and can't annoy other drivers behind me.

The Intrepid took about half my commute to warm up in colder weather. I love how fast the Fit warms up.

Best mileage with my Fit since I got it 3 months ago was 48 MPG (4.9 L/100km), but that was for a 100% hwy trip going at legal speed 60mph (100km/hr) with an empty car and I'm pretty sure I had some back-wind. The return trip was worse, with head-wind and girlfriend aboard.

Best mileage for a tank of gas was 39.6 MPG, so I've almost reached the 40 mark, but my goal is to have 40 as an average, not all time best.

@ Fat Charlie

Thanks Charlie, I'm glad you recommend that because it was on my to-do list as a first mod, since it seems fairly easy to DIY. I was thinking of the top-grille though, since on the bottom I attached some Gutter-Guard (plastic mesh) with zip-ties to prevent rocks flying into the radiator through those large openings.
Which one is generally better for improving FE, top or bottom?
Or both?
I still need to do more research here to find the best ideas and materials.
I would be worried about engine temperatures if blocking both...
I'm not currently using my SGII, as my new car insurance convinced me to try the telematics device for 6 months to save up to 25% on next years rates. They gave 5% off just for trying.

@ MetroMPG

I fully agree with you, driving a manual is so much fun...after your learn though. My first couple of weeks were pretty terrible, a lot of stalling and stressing out like mad when having to stop on a hill with traffic behind me.
I feel heavily involved in driving, more connected with the car, and I've been paying attention and focusing more on the whole driving experience and the traffic around me since switching from auto. Auto boxes feel like somewhat of a boring video game (left, right, stop, gas).

I live in Guelph now, after being in Toronto for 8 years. So glad to have escaped the rat-race rush-hour madness. Outside of the big city it's a pleasure to drive.
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