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Thanks for the replies all.

Originally Posted by vskid3 View Post
You're not the only crazy person here, I have the same truck in 2WD.
Phew! Thanks so much for the link! I didn't know anyone else was crazy enough to invest mental energy and time into what may seem a somewhat fruitless endeavor. Will definitely follow your progress/mods for inspiration.

Originally Posted by vskid3 View Post
I'm mainly doing aeromods, though parts will be replaced with more efficient ones as they fail, if available.
Yeah... it's hard to argue with the inherent reliability of these trucks. Start changing stuff... and it may not ever be the same again. And short of new heads/cams/headers (mucho $$) there's not a lot of combustion efficiency improvement to be found on these small block engines.

Originally Posted by vskid3 View Post
Stock I would get about 13MPG in mixed driving, about 14MPG doing 75MPH, and 16MPG doing about 60MPH.
Sounds like about what I am seeing in mine. 2WD vs. 4WD is probably not as big a difference in these trucks since the curb weight is so high and same poor aerodynamics & ride height.

Originally Posted by Plush1992
If you got the time, money, tools and energy, maybe you should make a truck aerocap
Eh. I know those really do the best job of getting a pickup into the proper aero profile, but they really ruin so much functionality of having the truck in the first place. Not to mention I've only seen a few that aren't totally butt-ugly. If I made one, it probably would be too.

Originally Posted by oil pan 4
That's pretty terrible because I was getting between 12 and 13 with my 454, 3 speed transmission, 4.10 gears with 1970s non aero dynamics in mixed driving.
Ha, yeah. I mean, probably similar final OD gearing, your truck may be a bit lighter, and they didn't do much with aerodynamics yet for this generation... I promise you I can beat your mpg numbers without removing my engine accessories though!
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