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The early 90"s redesigned LTD/Crown Vic is really hard to beat if you want a huge 4 dr that can get good mileage. IIRC they cut 700 lbs off the previous model and still kept the full frame. I think the early 90's models were about 4200 lbs. The next redesign about 1995 added 300 to 400lbs.....just like almost all late 90's cars. Don't know how good the aero is, since this is the primary concern for highway.
Some also mentioned the old Dodge Dart. These were incredibly light vehicles. The 1973 2 door with a 340v-8 and 4 speed tipped the scales around 2800 lbs. ( my 93 Escort wagon is 2500 lbs) Properly tuned this carburated car could turn out mid to upper 20's on the highway. I'd guess you could do even better if it had the old slant 6. Don't know on aero, however. If you wanted something the size of the crown vic, you could step up to the Dodge Corenet, which was also incredibly light ( All of the Chrysler products from this era were dramatically lighter that there GM or Ford competitors). The Corenet also came standard with a slant 6. IIRC, they could also easily hit the mid 20's on the highway and had a top speed over 120 with the 6. All of the Chrysler's also had that funky suspension design (torsion bars and offset upper control arm mounts up front, offset leaf spring rear) that allowed the suspension axis to be above the center of gravity and allowed them to out handle and out brake most any car out there if a couple sway bars are added. A friend of mine used to race and when the Cuda's showed up the Corvettes left the track....they couldn't beat them. The later model dodge Diplomat could be a candidate too, but Chrysler quality had tanked by that time.

One other obviouos choice is found in Hugo's book, The earlier Audi sedans. These boxy sedans had Cd's around .3 and deisels. You could probably hit the 40's with these with some aero tweaks.
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