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P&G and U-Joints in RWD rigs?

I did a couple p&g's on my way home where it was feasible to do so tonight. Both were pretty smooth, but I noticed my driveline vibes a little more than normal when I got back onto the highway. It has always vibrated, combination of worn t-case and a questionable u-joint. I've got a new trans and case ready to go into the truck, so I'm going to put new joints in both ends of the drive shaft when I install that (wasn't going to put new joints in at $20 a piece to have the sloppy case output beat them to death). I'm wondering if anyone here that's P&G'd in a RWD/4WD vehicle has noticed increased wear on the joints? There are a number of places here where a P&G wouldn't even really slow you down if you time the hills right so I'd like to get into it a little more.

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