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Originally Posted by Old Mechanic View Post
Your trade is agriculture.
Your profession is angler.

Practice your profession while mastering your trade.

Get a gov't job in agriculture where you are not doing the work yourself but helping others make their work more productive. Like hypermiling a farm.

Try your hand at competitive angling and see if you meet the grade. Meanwhile let life show you some fun and some sorrow and maybe everything will work out if you let it. If not change course and keep going forward.

I like Mech post.
My background when I was your age BD. i work at Inland Mattress and built mattress and box springs. I hated it after about two years. At that time my life long dream was to restore muscle cars. So I learned Auto Body and Paint from one friend and engine and transmission building from another. I started out restoring a few cars after hours and weekends, then i went full time on my own and did that for about 8 years. In the beginning I was living my dream
but about 5 years into it I started hating it!!!
To this day i still have a ton of people wanting me to restore their cars and I tell it will never happen. I'm burned out big time, and can't stand car shows or anything to do with muscle cars. Its sad because its something that comes very easy to me but I just can't stomach it anymore. Looking back if I would have done it part time I probably would still be doing it and enjoying it.

So keep in mind your job is just a job that makes $$$ to maintain life. Your hobby or passion type job should be a profession that you control how many hours and how much energy you put into it.
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