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Originally Posted by oldtamiyaphile View Post
I feel like it's been left out than an Auto on it's last legs may have had issues that caused poor economy. I had a 1.3 Suzuki with dead trans that struggled to get 25mpg.
It's certainly within the realm of possibility. I did not consider it as a factor, however, because
  • Out of 58 model year 2005 Dodge Magnums being tracked on Fuelly for gas mileage, mine made the top 5, with an average of 22.7 MPG, at the time the transmission died;
  • The torque converter locked up normally and showed no signs of slippage;
  • The transmission clutches all had normal measurements at the time the transmission failed (OD=125,UD=37,L/R=43,2/4=46);
  • The transmission fluid was not burnt when I drained the transmission upon initial diagnosis; and
  • The rear carrier assembly of the transmission had literally shredded itself into two separate pieces, once I took apart the old transmission to find out what had failed.

Here's the part that failed. It's part of the rear carrier assembly, the part that transmits engine power through 2nd, 4th, and reverse. Part of this rear carrier assembly is still inside the transmission. In the background, you can see the rear annulus, front carrier assembly, and a couple of large snap rings.

Here's a picture of a complete and unbroken rear carrier assembly. The part I'm holding in my hand is the bottom of the complete assembly.

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