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Originally Posted by PaulB2 View Post
I just bought one of these:
40-1/2" x 48" Small Utility Trailer - 1090 Lb. Cargo Capacity

Nice thing, in Oregon there is no registration for trailers this small.
Sweet! Thanks for the info about registration. I just bought this trailer for $240 using a 20% off coupon.

I was thinking I would have to pay the $86 registration every 2 years, but DMV says this:

Note: You do not have to register a light trailer (which includes a utility, boat, or horse trailer) or obtain a trip permit to operate it on the road if the trailer, plus the heaviest load carried, weighs 1,800 pounds or less.
I'm wondering why everyone says to repack the bearing grease? If the company is going to sell the trailer with lubed bearings, why wouldn't they have done it correctly from the factory?

Can I just use gasoline or WD-40 to clean out the original grease?
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